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Leadership in micro-imaging 3D & 4D


There are many good reasons for the hospitals and manufacturers microdevices to focus in predictability analysis with non-destructive failure testing culture. Customers are increasingly assessing companies on the basis of their safety in diagnosis and extend the useful life inside products.

The company Kapiott was born with the impulse to extend the utility period of different products from the microelectronics industry, automotive, solar panels, ceramics, even to the medical industry. We extend the lifetime of patients in the medical industry, ¿How do we do it?. We make it possible in the medical industry, seeing tumors and reducing to a single tumor removal surgery; we are seeing imperfections and failures inside chips, silicon wafers and all parts of microelectronics and microprecision required in other industries.

We have achieved all these achievements with a new technology that uses lasers, acoustic and holography to produce images of depth. We have named this technology :Kapiography: The technology that allows to make non-destructive failure analysis inside of microstructures in silicon materials, metalworking or in vivo in 3D & 4D in a radiation-free process. We also use the term :Kapiograph: The instrument that extracts data corresponding to transmitted data from a system acousto-optic holographic induced by acoustic system. And the term for the images obtained is :Kapiographic Image: named “Kapiographic Image” if it’s 3D+4D and “Kapiogram” if it’s 2D.

All in all, KAPIOTT® is your best insurance against costly production shutdowns, compared to products and customers quarantine very disappointed . Better quality micro-control images to your company’s products will generate value and continued growth.

What is meant by scalable kapiograph?

KAPIOTT® is a kapiograph with high-resolution imaging technology, the obtained images are reconstructed in 3D, 4D and color which they are generated with adaptive holographic technology, resolution is optical level and even micrometric level; kapiograph is suitable for installation in small spaces, easy to install and easy to use, only need to suitability for rigid clamping system. The kapiograph can be divided into two modules, one for 3D images and another one for images 4D. The coupling of both units is solid precision. This pair of products is as a result of extensive analysis of deficiencies radioimaging products currently on the market.


KAPIOTT has been registered as an individual company in the Science Park of the University of Salamanca in 2015. Since its inception investigates holography in the city of Salamanca.

  • Inicio de investigacion en Holografia


  • Gyklaus investiga sensores holograficos en deteccion de glucosa


  • Creacion de hologramas de superficies biologicas en fotopolimeros.


    Descubrimiento del problema actual de este proyecto. Los equipos de diagnóstico médicos no invasivos tienen muy baja resolución. Gyklaus investiga holografía adaptativa para aumentar la resolución de imágenes. Investigación de sistemas de acoplamiento [ph-ph].

  • Inicio del diseno in silico del equipo KAPIOTT®

    Invierno 2014

  • Investigacion de mercados y de un plan estrategico

    Invierno-Primavera 2015

    Investigación de mercados y de un plan estratégico de negocios para vender KAPIOTT® en el mercado Español y exportación. Programa YUZZ Salamanca.

  • Presentar a futuros inversores una simulacion in silico de KAPIOTT®

    Verano 2015

  • KAPIOTT Micro-Imaging Instruments

    Otoño 2015

    KAPIOTT Micro-Imaging Instruments, gana el premio Emprense-USAL 2015 en Castilla y León, España..

  • Adecuacion juridica


    Adecuación jurídica, registros patentes, certificados calidad para la empresa kapiott medical®

  • Venta del primer prototipo y primer producto

    Proyección 2017

  • Lider en el sector de Micro-Imagenes

    Proyección 2018

    Ser líder en el sector de Micro-Imágenes español. Ingresar a otros países de Europa.

  • Ingresar al mercado Hispanoamericano

    Proyección 2019

  • Ingresar al mercado de Europa del Este

    Proyección 2020

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Kapiott Team

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