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Verne 3D

Noninvasive in vivo smart mapping

It’s crucial to fight against costly production shutdowns during internal testing of microstructures, while quality control happens. That’s what KAPIOTT® does.

A rule of thumb in the electronics industry is that a micrometric high resolution from 0 μm to 100 μm brings significant benefits – Typically our product provides the following warranties.

  1. High resolution and low product price.
  2. Null radiation risks.
  3. Images 3D-4D (Real Time + video) and color.
  4. Avoid travel to other countries to seek economic and efficient diagnostic equipment of microstructures.
  5. It can be combined with another module to obtain new benefits generated by holographic imaging technology.
  6. Three years of personal service to the technical questions of hardware and software.


Adaptive holography technology, which allow to observe the microstructure in four dimensions in metals, polymers and composites microelectronics.

KAPIOTT® is committed to providing our customers with an easy alternative to learn how to make kapiograms and microkapiography.

For every new variety of our system, our company grows, and we are available for advice and free maintenance costs on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

The New Generation of KAPIOTT F5 Technology

The KAPIOTT F5 scalable kapiograph is the newest generation in 4D Imaging innovation. While taking the best in aesthetics and ergonomics. The KAPIOTT F5 improves upon the rest and takes 4D imaging to the next level.

The KAPIOTT F5 instrument is intuitive, with a console that has measurement and control devices more a wide screen. This instrument is guided with a mechanical arm which gives flexibility to scan the surface static or dynamic of the object or product.

KAPIOTT F5 is a delicate system with adaptive holography technology, allow rescale the kapiographic equipment and adapt it to a new function from 3D to 4D, it is certainly an idea of staggering genius.

With our viewer based on inside isosurface reconstruction you can drive fast into a microstructure. You can rotate, move and zoom the microstructure as well as changing the transparency on the control window.

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